Take your school’s music to the next level.

You’ve got your music lessons, your lunchtime and after school choirs and ensembles, your concerts and your end of year performances. Surely there isn’t any more that you can do to enhance music in your school? Well, you’re probably right that ‘you’ can’t do any more – music teachers work incredibly hard and go above and beyond to provide extra-curricular and curricular activities for their pupils, and there’s only so much one person can do! That’s where Learning Music can step in to help.

You can unlock amazing out-of-hours learning opportunities by hosting your very own Saturday Morning Music Academy, in partnership with Learning Music. Each week, pupils can enjoy a varied 3-hour programme, jam packed with practical music-making. They learn an instrument, play that instrument with others, and take part in a series of fantastic workshops – all led by outstanding professional musicians.

Our Learning Music Academies provide a rich and immersive environment for keen musicians of all abilities. They offer a broader range of musical experiences than is often available within school hours, and strongly support musical progression through primary and secondary – and for those who want to take their music further. There is also significant social benefit for the young people involved – spending their Saturdays with like-minded musicians. Best of all, our academies enhance the school’s own provision, without putting additional pressure on a music department which may already be considerably stretched. Just lend us your support and your building, and our specialists will take care of everything else. By default we bill parents directly, meaning no charges to school for our services. We also provide promotional materials for distribution to families, so all you need to do is pass on a leaflet and we will take care of everything else.

Every Music Academy is unique – but we normally lean towards either a classical or popular route; and cater either for ages 8-12 or 11-16. We only require 12 students on roll to launch each new Music Academy. However, the more students involved, the more enriching the experience, so you may wish to come together with your local family of schools or across a local academy trust to promote the Music Academy to a greater number of pupils.

We are now taking enquiries for Music Academies launching September 2021 and January 2022. Please do get in touch to discuss the options for your school – we’re happy to help.

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