Our Programmes.

At Learning Music our services span a range of programmes covering all aspects of your music provision.

Primary or secondary, curricular or extra-curricular, our specialist teachers deliver outstanding tuition.

In addition to our teaching programmes, we’re also able to offer our partner schools a raft of other added-value benefits as standard.

In-School Learning.

We offer four distinct teaching programmes, which can be delivered individually or grouped into the combination that best suits your school.

All programmes have online alternatives which can be switched to seamlessly when required for covid reasons.

Instrument Taster Courses.

Give music a boost this September.

At Learning Music we’re very excited to announce our new 4-week instrument lesson taster courses – perfect for schools looking to give their music a boost coming out of the pandemic.

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Out-of-Hours Learning.

Host your own Saturday Morning Music Academy.

You can unlock amazing out-of-hours learning opportunities by hosting your very own Saturday Morning Music Academy, in partnership with Learning Music.

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Our Added Value.

Our service has been especially designed to respond to the ever-tightening budgets of schools and academies. We’re focused on offering the best teaching for the best possible value.

Our independent status exempts us from the restrictions of local authority boundaries. This means that we can offer multi-academy trusts a coherent approach to music across a range of different sites.

We can help devise staged development plans to schools at no extra cost. We’ll provide the opportunity to work with our subject experts to tailor provision planning to the specific aims and objectives of your school – wherever you might be in your musical journey.

Regardless of the billing option chosen, every school we work with will benefit from a specialist service. This includes centralised recruitment, vetting, induction and monitoring, cover options in case of absence, and full-service support.

We provide each school with a relationship manager. They will oversee all aspects of the partnership to ensure success. For outsourced contracts this includes all communications and billing with parents.

Our network of partners means we can offer additional support services. This includes instrument rental schemes.

We are able to offer flexibility and individualisation in our services. We offer different service, calendar and billing options, and can tailor our lessons to each individual school.




Free Consultation.

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