Billing & Delivery.

We offer two core billing models, which can be chosen according to the programme you choose and the particular needs of your school.

Standard School

Available as an option for all of our teaching programmes, this is our standard billing method.

As ever, we aim to keep everything simple and transparent.

This billing model consists of:

One central contract that is signed by the school or academy trust for a specified number of teaching hours.

One central invoice that is issued to the school or academy trust each term, covering all of the teaching carried out under the contract that term.

Simple Hourly Rates.

Our invoices are calculated and structured according to simple hourly rates for each teaching hour spent. These rates include all of our added value services so there are no hidden extra charges.

The Option to Pass
on Costs to Parents.

With our Small Group / 1-to-1 Instrumental and Ensembles and Singing teaching programmes, schools have the option of choosing to pass on some or all of the cost to parents.

Flexible Scheduling.

Our standard contract option will be for 36 weeks, but we are also able to offer the flexibility to agree contracts between 30-39 weeks depending on your specific requirement.

Outsourced Parent

We offer the option for parents to be billed directly by Learning Music. This is default option for our out-of-hours Music Academy programme, and is also available as an option in-school for Small Group/1-to-1 Instrumental Lessons.

Different arrangements can be put in place for lower income families.

This billing model consists of:

One overarching contract signed by the school or academy trust that permits Learning Music to enter into individual contracts with parents.

Individual invoices being issued to parents, with direct debit payments either termly or monthly. This allows parents the opportunity to structure their payments to suit their finances.

Reduce Your Admin.

Because we handle all the administration, your staff don’t have to.

Simple, Easy,

All enrolment and invoicing is delivered through our parent portal, increasing efficiency and reducing paperwork.

Mitigate Risk.

The contracts signed are between Learning Music and the parent, so there is no financial risk to the school.

Free Consultation.

If you're a school or academy and would like to find out how we can help, book your free consultation today.