Sounds like talent being nurtured.

Small Group / 1 to 1 Instrumental Lessons.

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Sounds like horizons being broadened.

Whole Class Instrumental Lessons.

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Sounds like imaginations being captured.

Curriculum / PPA Lessons.

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Sounds like memories being made.

Ensembles and Singing.

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Welcome to
Learning Music.

Your music education agency.

We know that schools love to help young people develop talent, realise potential and have fun. And we know that parents love to see their children express themselves through music.

We specialise in providing the teachers and teaching services that inspire children to do just that.

We source qualified music professionals from across the country to deliver programmes that match the precise needs of your school.

And – because we know the difference that it makes – we ensure all billing and administration remains simple, transparent and hassle-free.


Our Programmes.

We offer various programmes for schools and academy trusts, each one catering for a different aspect of your music provision.

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Billing & Delivery.

We know that different billing and payment models suit different schools and academy trusts.

So whether we bill the school or we bill directly to parents, you can choose the one that best suits.

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Everything you need to know about how we work with schools and deliver our teaching.

Plus some handy tips as to how you can help with your child’s musical development.

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Our organisation is all about the calibre of our teachers. Their skill, passion and enthusiasm.

Find out how you can register as a Learning Music teacher.

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Get in Touch.

If you’re interested in our services, or have a query, get in touch with us here.

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